Q: How far in advance should we book our party?

A: You should secure your date with the service providers of your choice as soon as you know they are right for you. Prime dates can book more than a year or more in advance for all wedding related services including entertainment, photography and even cake preparation.


Q: Will you ‘hold’ our date?

A: Jim’s available dates are his inventory and cannot be held without a contract and advance payment. Due to the high demand for his services, events are booked on a first come, first served basis.


Q: Do you have any additional information you could mail us?

A: You got it! He’ll be more than happy to send you his company brochure, newsletter, list of references, sample agenda, and more with no obligation whatsoever.


Q: Everything sounds great! What do we do next?

A: Please contact Jim Horn Entertainment when you have confirmed your event date and venue location. To book his services, a contract and an advance payment are required to secure your date.


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Q: How much planning will you provide for us?

A: As much as it takes! He will get a feel for the type of atmosphere you want him to create along with music styles and requests. The flow of the event will be discussed and what roll you want Jim to play in the agenda. As you get closer to your event date another face-to-face meeting is set to really get into the details of the event (i.e. order of events, ice breaker ideas, unique party ideas that truly describes your personality, and much more).


Q: Do you meet with prospective wedding couples?

A: Yes. Jim meets with all couples at least three times. This first meeting is meant to give him a thorough understanding of your needs, to show you what he has to offer, and how he can make your wedding day special and unique. A contract and advance payment is then requested to reserve his services. The second meeting occurs 90 days before your Wedding and the final meeting is 30 days prior to your event. This is when he will cover order of events/itinerary, announcements, music selection, and all the pertinent details that will make your event perfect.


Q: Can we select the music that will be played?

A: Absolutely! Jim has an extensive music selection that covers virtually all musical genres. He will play all of your MUST PLAY selections and, if time permits, your PLAY IF POSSIBLE selections. Of course, Jim will honor your DO NOT PLAY list.


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Q: How much do you charge?

A: Surprisingly, this is most frequently the first question a prospect will ask Jim. He will charge based on your individual needs. These factors include, but are not limited to, the day of the week, time, location, length, and type of affair. He encourages you to schedule a free consultation.


Q: Do you charge a travel fee?

A: There is no charge for travel time on an event that is 50 miles or less one way from Jim Horn Entertainment’s home office in Gautier, Mississippi. If mileage is longer than 50 miles one way please email or call Jim for a quote.


Q: Does the ‘contracted time’ include equipment setup/teardown, travel, etc.?

A: Jim’s rates are “all-inclusive”. Setup time, play time, tear down time, travel round trip, and all of your planning consultations whether by email, in person, or by way of phone are included! No hidden charges or surprises.


Q: When is our balance due?

A: After you have paid a retainer to reserve Jim Horn Entertainment’s services, balances are due 14 days prior to your event.


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Q: What do you offer?

A: Jim Horn Entertainment offers highly personalized entertainment. His clients generally place a high value on planning unique and memorable events and look to him to help find creative ways to bring their unique style and personalities into the entertainment. Your event will be detailed and designed with YOUR ideas in mind.


Q: Who will be my DJ?

A: Jim Horn Entertainment is a single disc jockey operator and never subcontracts work out to another DJ under his company. Jim Horn will be YOUR entertainer. He books only one event per day so you can have complete confidence that it will be Jim performing for your special celebration. If he is booked for your date he will gladly refer another company to you.


Q: How does your company distinguish itself from other companies?

A: Jim’s commitment and passion is to produce the best quality performance in sound, professionalism, and delivery. He puts 100% into each and every event/reception he takes on. From the first time you meet with Jim, you’ll see how personable and organized he is, and how much he listens to your needs. Let him provide that experience for you and help create a unique and truly spectacular memory of your special day.


Q: How long do you play?

A: Your package dictates the amount of performance time. This amount of time is based upon location restrictions, as well. Performance time begins when the first guest arrives. Setup and tear down time is included in your package. Of course, additional overtime is always available.


Q: Can you entertain the crowd?

A: Absolutely! This is his specialty. Jim doesn’t just stand behind his console and push the play button. He certainly keeps the focus on the client but uses mild crowd interaction and mixing skills to create a comfortable, fun, and energetic atmosphere. He uses “ice-breakers” when needed to get your guests up and moving!


Q: Do you take requests from the audience?

A: Of course, within reason when requested by the client. If someone requests a song that is questionable for a Wedding, he will ask the Bride/Groom if it is OK. Otherwise, he welcomes any requests from the crowd!


Q: Can you provide music and sound equipment for our wedding ceremony?

A: Absolutely! About 50% of Jim’s clients request his services for their ceremony. Give him the location of the ceremony, the details of the music needed and he’ll fill in the rest. Wireless microphones will be provided for everyone speaking, singing, or reading. Everyone will hear the entire ‘spoken’ or singing segments of your special day. Whether you’re going the traditional route or something unique Jim has your music styles covered. He will also attend your rehearsal.


Q: What kind of equipment do you have?

A: Simply put, Jim owns some of the best equipment money can buy. You are guaranteed the cleanest, sharpest sound possible when you book him. He only uses the best names in Professional Sound and Lighting. Every word Jim speaks and every musical note you hear will be crystal clear!


Q: Do you bring a wireless microphone?

A: Yes. Jim brings two wireless mics and two corded mics to every event as a minimum; often more for other events. The wireless mic is used for any toasts in the room and for Jim to use when he needs to be away from his console.


Q: Do you bring backup equipment?

A: Guaranteed! You deserve the very best. There is nothing left to chance.


Q: What is your Wedding attire?

A: Jim wears a suit for your Wedding. He will look as good as your Bridal party but never better than the Groom!


Q: Can we come see you perform?

A: Often asked this question, but it is something Jim strongly opposes. Answer this: Would you like uninvited guests at your event that you didn’t know? Jim is just very considerate towards others. He is more than happy to provide references and video clips, but he does not randomly invite guests to parties. Besides, you would need to stay the entire time to get the complete screening of his style.


Q: What time will you arrive the day of our Wedding?

A: Jim typically arrives 3 hours before the start time when not bringing a light show.You are NEVER charged for the setup or break down time. His performance time starts when the first guest arrives at the venue location.


Q: Will you play overtime?

A: Yes, most definitely. He is yours for the day. You won’t have to worry about Jim having to leave early to provide entertainment for another event. He encourages you to discuss your anticipated overtime plans at the face-to-face meeting. This helps in planning the agenda.


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